Binge Eating at Vancouver's Food Cart Fest

The only thing I love more than travelling is eating. What type of food do I enjoy indulging in you ask? EVERYTHING! From Mexican to Thai, Indian to Italian, Korean to German, I am a fan of every cuisine out there and am willing to try anything that comes my way. 

So when I stumbled upon the Vancouver Food Cart Fest website, I knew I had to drop by and eat my heart out. 

My mouth started to water as I read the packed chalk board full of tasty truck vendors. Aussie Pie Guy jumped out at me and my heart skipped a beat. I knew exactly where my first stop was going to be.

I made a mad dash through the flurry of people, eager to rediscover a lost love.

Meat pies are one of the biggest things I miss about living in Australia. They're the perfect meal, snack, or drunken treat after a big night out. Loved by the entire country, meat pies are all the rage Down Under and for good reason: they're really, really, and I mean reallyyyyyy good. Honestly, I think they're even better than fruit pies. I know, I know. You think I'm crazy. But until you try a meat pie, you can't say nothing!

Everything sounded absolutely divine on the menu. It was a tough choice but after much deliberation, we opted for Shane's Pie.

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!?

This baby was filled with tender, free-range BC beef short rib and veggies, and finished with a red wine au-jus and apricot hoisin sauce over fluffy mashed potatoes.

The first bite was euphoric. The delicate beef melted in my mouth, while the smooth mashed potatoes sent my taste buds to Cloud 9.

Unfortunately I'm not very good at savouring my food. Within minutes, the pie was devoured and we went off in search for more.

Vancouver's Food Truck Fest has everything you're craving. Hot dogs, crepes, tacos, sandwiches, kebabs, pad thai, grilled cheese, curry, and much more await you at this enticing festival.

Marc made a stop at Feastro and got his hands on a serious fish taco.

While I went to Vij's Railway Express to get my Indian fix.

The butter chicken schnitzel was an interesting take on a classic. The chicken was fried to a perfect crisp and coated in a rich, creamy sauce. The sauce was the real winner here. Once the chicken was gone, Marc and I scooped out every ounce of sauce with the naan bread.

There was so much more I wanted to eat but sadly, my stomach was about to burst. I started to walk off my food baby but I spotted a sign that said "best popsicles you've ever had or your money back". The best popsicles EVER? I was extremely skeptical.

But then I surveyed the interesting menu and decided to give Johnny's Pops the benefit of the doubt. I went up to his bicycle stand and ordered a rhubarb elderflower popsicle. Johnny told me that all his artisan popsicles are handcrafted with care and made with locally sourced fruits and ingredients.

WOW! One lick and I was sold! You could really taste the fresh, high-quality ingredients Johnny used. I didn't even want my money back because it truly was the best popsicle I've ever had.

I told myself no more food once the popsicle vanished. Thankfully, the Food Cart Fest is loaded with other activities that don't require eating.

Eastside Flea is an open air market set to the side of the food trucks. Take a stroll through each stall and you'll discover vintage clothing, bizarre oddities, vinyl records, and handmade trinkets.

Simply Neglectable had an amazing collection of drought tolerant plants. How cool do those tiny plants look? I couldn't leave the tent without getting one for my office.

We browsed everything the market had to offer before setting off towards False Creek.

We sat by the water's edge and took in the tranquil scenery. The sleek cityscape glistened in the distance, while kayakers gracefully paddled past us.

I haven't been home for the past few summers and had forgotten how gorgeous Vancouver can be this time of year.

We skipped from rock to rock, taking in downtown Vancouver from every angle possible before starting the journey back home.

It's not too late if you want to binge eat at the Vancouver Food Cart Fest too. The festival is open every Sunday from 12pm-5pm until September 6. Check out their website for directions and a complete list of participating carts. Happy eating!


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