Tasty Explorations at the Richmond Night Market

The tantalizing scents of barbecued meat wafted through my nose. A chaotic sea of people buzzed with excitement as they snooped from stall to stall. A flurry of different languages bombarded my ears. For a minute, it felt as if I've been transported back to a night market in Taiwan. Snapping back to reality, I realized I'm at the front steps to the wildly popular Richmond Night Market.

My friend Dan is visiting Vancouver for a few weeks. We have 2 things in common: our passion for travel and our obsession with food. Earlier this week, we reminisced about our epic travels through Asia and couldn't stop trading stories about all the amazing meals we feasted on. That's when I knew we had to pay a visit to the Richmond Night Market. 

The Richmond Night Market is everything you want it to be. It's full of mouth-watering exotic foods, carnival games, and stalls selling everything from stationary to jewelry. Just make sure you arrive early or later in the night or else you'll be caught in a massive line.

Surprisingly the line moved pretty fast and we were inside before we knew it. 

I loved the duck theme going on there! How awesome is that massive rubber ducky?

Dan was instantly mesmerized by all the cute socks. After snagging a few pairs, we followed our nostrils and headed to the food tents. What awaited us was pure heaven.

The options were endless. My mouth couldn't stop watering as we meandered from tent to tent. Sushi, satay, takoyaki, ramen, dim sum, dumplings, curry, noodles, crepes, ice cream...you name it, they had it all and more. If you're planning on visiting the night market, remember to arrive with an empty stomach because you'll want to try everything!

Dan and I started off with dim sum. I'm a sucker for siu mai (pork dumplings)!

I quenched my thirst with a refreshing passion fruit green tea and eagerly moved on to the next course.

I go to the Richmond Night Market every summer and I see this guy every time. He's been running his barbecue stall for as long as I can remember! Having a weak spot for grilled meat, all three of us lined up and ordered juicy chicken, shrimp, beef, and lamb skewers.

They did not disappoint! From there, we went to town and sampled as much as our tummies would let us.

Dan opted for takoyaki, a Japanese snack made of a wheat flour-based batter that's usually filled with octopus, crispy tempura bits, green onion, and pickled ginger. Takoyaki sauce and Japanese mayonnaise is also drizzled on top to finish.

I had my eye on something else though. The ROTATO.

Deep fried to perfection and coated in a cheddar cheese dusting, the rotato definitely hit the spot. Too bad I didn't get two. If I did, I would've gotten the chance to sit on the regal rotato throne. (brilliant marketing ploy btw)

With our bellies filled to the max, we drifted away from the aromatic food tents and went off to explore the rest of the market.

We tried on funky hats, pointed out cool knick knacks for sale, and watched kids gleefully play some carnival games before we decided to call it a night and say goodbye to the market.

The Richmond Night Market is the largest night market in North America and is totally worth visiting if you're in Vancouver this summer. It's open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night from May 15 to October 12. Admission only costs $2.75 per person too (score!).


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  1. Thanks for a great post ! Being a self proclaimed foodie, I love visiting food markets when I am abroad !