High Tea at Faubourg

High tea is a long-standing tradition I've been wanting to try for ages! So when the opportunity popped up to visit Faubourg, a chic cafe nestled in the heart of Vancouver, I just couldn't say no. I put on my classiest apparel and met up with Stacy for a girls afternoon. 

High tea is typically a short meal enjoyed in the late afternoon. It originated in England and became popular among the middle and upper classes in the 1800's. Along with tea, patrons snacked on gourmet sandwiches, rich cakes, pastries and scones served with clotted cream and jam. Gaining much popularity in England, high tea was later adopted by countries all around the world.

Today, this British custom is found mainly in cafes and ritzy hotels. It's also considered a pricy affair. But not anymore.

Faubourg features a budget friendly afternoon tea menu priced between $17.90 to $28.55. You'll get the opportunity to pick out how many items you want and whether or not you want savoury or sweet dishes.

But before all the food, you get to choose your tea!

A tray of tea leaves appeared in front of us the moment we sat down. Stacy and I sniffed each of the teas before making our decision. I opted for classic Earl Grey.

Don't be fooled by the light colour of the tea. After steeping for a few minutes, it was ready to be sipped.

While waiting for our food to arrive, I couldn't help but take a snoop through the trendy cafe.

The whole place had a swanky French bistro vibe to it. The cozy seating area in the back are reserved for high tea guests while the front is a cafe offering some of the best baked goods, sandwiches and coffee in town.

Did I mention they also have macaroons? Faubourg's serves many flavours so you'll get to choose from a large array.

I was in for a surprise when I returned to our table. The food had arrived and rested on tiny tiered stands. Everything looked too pretty to eat.

Stacy has quite the sweet tooth so she ordered the raspberry macaroon, tartlette au citron (lemon tart), pistachio matcha lime tart and the cafe opera (a coffee almond sponge cake).

I decided to try the best of both worlds and ordered two savoury and two sweet snacks. I settled on the beef bourguignon, smoked salmon croissant, tartlette au citron and raspberry financier (a French sponge cake). 

We dove into the food after the obligatory photo taking and was transported to food heaven. As someone who prefers savoury foods, I fell in love with the beef bourguignon. The beef was so tender and the stew was hearty and flavourful. The lemon tart came in a close second while Stacy raved that it was her favourite. We spent the rest of the afternoon chatting away, sipping our tea and enjoying our treats. 

Both our orders included a soft and flakey scone served with cream and jam. Being the food enthusiast I am, I loaded my scone with as much cream and jam as I could and wolfed it down. I don't think I can settle for plain scones anymore. 

Faubourg has multiple locations in Vancouver and their afternoon tea is served daily from noon until 5pm. You can check out their full high tea menu here.


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