Winter Wonderland in Whistler

One thing I've noticed amongst world travellers is that they'll travel across the globe to explore new places but they'll never take the time to discover their own country. I'm guilty of this myself.

Born and raised in Vancouver, I've taken the gorgeous west coast of Canada for granted. But not anymore. It's time to discover the beauty of my own backyard!

When Friday rolled around, I grabbed the boyfriend and two of my closest friends and jetted off to Whistler for a fun-filled snowboarding weekend.

Whistler is considered one of the best places in the entire world to ski and snowboard. Home to Whistler and Blackcomb, these two side-by-side mountains offer over 200 runs, three glaciers and heaps of fresh snow. Millions of tourists flock to this picturesque town yearly. Even the prestigious Winter Olympics were hosted here back in 2010.

We woke up to sunshine and clear skies. Perfect snowboarding conditions! I pulled on my winter gear and booked it to Whistler Village.

Whistler Village reminded me a lot like Queenstown, New Zealand. Nestled at the base of majestic mountains, the village is home to a variety of hip restaurants, chic boutiques and cute souvenir stores. But now was not the time to grab a bite to eat or shop; it was time to shred down the slopes!

Up, up the gondola we went.

When we arrived at the top, we were surrounded by a winter wonderland.

It was -30°C at the top! I would say it was freezing but that would be an understatement. If you're planning on coming to Whistler, make sure to bundle up with multiple layers, a face mask, heavy duty gloves and goggles. Also, if you're bad at dealing with the cold like I am, pick up some hand and foot warmers before your trip. These are single use air-activated heat packs that you stick in your gloves and boots to keep you warm. I don't know what I'd do without them!

After a few snaps, it was time to get on that board and glide down the powdery hill.

Not going to lie, I was pretty rusty. I fell on my ass and knees a handful of times and could feel the bruises starting to emerge. Although my limbs were starting to ache, I wasn't going to give up! I got back on my board and kept trying over and over again.

Hours flew by in a blink of an eye. We decided to take a breather and take in the sights.

I felt like I could just sit there forever and admire the scenery. Snow capped mountains went on for miles while frosted trees littered the landscape. The eerie silence up at the summit was so serene and peaceful. I've been traveling so much that I've forgotten how beautiful my home is.

After a few more runs, it was time to call it a day. Back in the village, Wesley introduced me to Zog's and claimed they had the best poutine in British Columbia.

The BEST poutine you say? I had to give it a shot!

I know it looks like a mess but trust me, you have to try it!

For those that don't know, poutine is Canada's culinary speciality! Consisting of french fries, gravy and cheese curds, I guarantee this delicious dish will change your life!

Zog's offers a handful of mouth-watering poutine variations. Some of the ones that caught my eye included the Poutine Western which is topped with savoury beef chilli and the Poutine Euro which is finished with a fat bratwurst sausage.

Marc and I ended up ordering the Poutine Mexican.

Just look at that exquisite gravy flooded heaven! The Poutine Mexican is served with a juicy jalapeƱo smokie. After devouring the plate in seconds, I came to the conclusion that it's one of the best poutines I've ever had!

Whistler and Blackcomb mountain are now open for the season until mid April/May. Lift passes are a bit pricy ($119 per day) but there is a way to save a few bucks. If you're visiting from Canada or Washington State, I'd recommend buying an Edge Card. The Edge Card entitles you to discounted lift tickets ($89 per day) and other exclusive promotions.  You could also buy a ski and stay package which gives you lift passes at a cheaper price.


I’m a Canadian girl on a quest to step foot in every continent before I’m 30. You’ll most likely find me chowing down on Japanese ramen, partying at a music festival, hiking to the top of a scenic lookout, cuddling with cats, or chilling out at the beach. I’ve visited over 60 countries so far and hope to inspire you to do the same.

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