5 Travel Excuses That Need to Stop

"I'm so jealous that you travel so often. I wish I could it too!"

I hear it all the time. I tell people that they can travel just as much as I do. But then I see the fear creep into their eyes and that's when the excuses start.

"Oh, but I can't! I have a job, I don't have enough money, I'm too scared to travel alone, blah, blah, blah."

If you want to travel, you have to realize that the only thing stopping you is yourself.

I get it. Straying away from your normal routine and going to a foreign country can be daunting, but that shouldn't hinder you from seeing and experiencing our beautiful world.

Below are five popular travel excuses that need to stop. Cut these phrases out of your vocabulary, make travel a priority in your life and I guarantee your travel ambitions will happen.

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

"Traveling is too expensive." 

This is my number one pet peeve because traveling isn't costly if done right. Give up the five star hotels, ritzy restaurants and massive shopping budget and you'll find that traveling isn't expensive at all. 

Flying low-cost airlines can save you a ton on airfares. Staying in hostels will cut your accommodation budget by more than half. Renting a bike or using public transit is not only cheap, it'll also reduce your carbon footprint. If you're looking for other money saving tips, check out these 13 nifty ways to save money while travelling

Having trouble saving money for a future vacation? Consider opening a savings account devoted strictly to travel and put 10% to 20% of your pay cheque in. Also, sign up for a credit card that gives generous reward miles that can be put towards flights, hotels and more. You could pick up a part time job too and earn some extra cash that way. Bartending, serving, tutoring, mowing lawns, freelance writing and pet sitting are just a few profitable part-time gigs. Finally, turn your junk into cash! I bet you have lots of old electronics, books, sports equipment and clothing just collecting dust in your house. Look into selling your stuff on KijijiCraigslist or at consignment stores.

Venice, Italy

"I don't have anyone to travel with."

So what if your friends and family can't go on holiday with you? Travel solo and answer to no one! You'll get to see everything you want and do things at your own pace.

I never valued "me" time until I backpacked through Southeast Asia and Australia on my own. I couldn't believe how refreshing it was to curl up with a book on the beach, people watch and get lost in a maze of streets in a foreign city. It was peaceful getting in touch with my thoughts and I enjoyed my personal time thoroughly.

Of course, solo travel can get lonely. The good news is traveling alone opens up countless opportunities to make new friends from around the globe. Consider staying at a hostel, joining a tour, signing up for a language class or grabbing a drink at the local bar. These are all great places to meet new people on the road. 

Bali, Indonesia

"I'm too busy to travel because I work full-time/I'm in school."

If you make travel a priority, it will happen. As a a university student, you're spoiled with summer vacation, spring break, Christmas holidays and reading week. This is a lot of time off to go and explore the world. If you're low on funds, you can always try a volunteer or working holiday. Workaway is a great site that allows you to get in touch with families, individuals or organizations that are looking for extra hands to help at their farm, charity, school or business in exchange for room and board.

Full-time jobs give you less time off but that's no excuse to say goodbye to your travel dreams. Usually, you'll have between two to four weeks paid vacation per year. Don't let this precious time go to waste! Make travel plans ahead of time so you have something to look forward to in the upcoming year. If taking weeks off at a time is a problem, plan a road trip and see some new destinations closer to home.

Santorini, Greece

"I'm a woman. It's too dangerous to travel alone."

This is one of the biggest myths ever and it makes me sad that so many women feel this way. I have traveled to handfuls of countries on my own and not once did I feel unsafe. In fact, traveling solo was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Yes, there are dangers associated with traveling alone but there are dangers everywhere, even in your hometown. You can't live in a bubble for your entire life. As long as you use common sense and exercise a degree of caution, you'll be fine no matter where you go. Here's a great comic depicting how fear shouldn't stop you from travelling

Not sure where to start your adventures? Do your research ahead of time as some countries aren't too women friendly. If you're stuck for ideas, check out my 10 favourite countries for solo travel.

San Francisco, USA

5) "I can travel when I retire." 

Will you be in good condition to climb Everest, skydive in New Zealand or hike to Machu Picchu in you're 60's or 70's? You may be, but chances are you're not going to be in the same physical condition as you were in your 20's or 30's.

Traveling while you're young is so much more satisfying than traveling when you're retired. Do it now and you'll experience the wild parties, extreme sports, unforgettable backpacker life and so much more. Do it later and you'll find that the older demographic are more interested in cruises and all-inclusive vacations. Don't get me wrong, I know of retired people who live on the edge and travel like they're 20, but who knows what is going to happen to you down the road. Health complications, restricted mobility and limited budgets are all issues that can arise. The solution? Get off your ass, book that plane ticket and seize the day already!


I’m a Canadian girl on a quest to step foot in every continent before I’m 30. You’ll most likely find me chowing down on Japanese ramen, partying at a music festival, hiking to the top of a scenic lookout, cuddling with cats, or chilling out at the beach. I’ve visited over 60 countries so far and hope to inspire you to do the same.

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