Sydney in a Flash

Although I was sad to say goodbye to Adelaide, I was even more excited to meet Kelly in Sydney!

My partner in crime, my travel buddy and one of my closest friends, Kelly is someone I've dearly missed. I can't believe its been over a year since we last saw each other! Upon arrival, we wrapped each other up in a bear hug, smiling from ear to ear. We were finally here in Australia together!

After our enthusiastic greetings, she introduced me to her friend Elijah from Toronto, who she randomly bumped into at her hostel (small world eh?). From there, the three of us Canadians set off to explore the city. Our first stop was obviously the famous Sydney harbour.

This is my second time in Sydney and the Sydney Opera House continues to amaze me.

Opened in 1973, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the busiest and famous performing arts centres in the world. The building's unique architecture was designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon and took an entire 16 years to build.

We walked along the water and took a few too many obligatory tourist photos.

The harbour buzzed with activity as the sun began to set. Opera-goers strolled along the harbour, dressed in their finest attire. Locals, fresh off work, lounged on patios while sipping wine and catching up with friends. Tourists from all corners of the globe snapped selfies at a mile a minute.

We decided to take it easy, meander along the water's edge and take in our lovely surroundings. The Sydney Harbour Bridge stretched into eternity while the impressive skyline twinkled in the distance. Everything looked so much better when darkness took over.

Eventually, the evening cold got the best of us and we scurried off in search of dinner.

We walked into Hyde Park and discovered the Night Noodle Market was on. I was instantly transported back to Southeast Asia and felt like I was at a night market. The smells of pad thai, barbecue meat and noodle soup bombarded my nostrils. An endless array of street food vendors covered the entire park while lanterns and lights created an outdoor festival atmosphere.

Since leaving Thailand, I've been suffering from mad Thai food withdrawals. As a result, I booked it to the Thai food vendor and ordered myself a heaping plate of massaman curry and a veggie samosa. It was good enough to satisfy my craving but boy, do I miss authentic Thai food!

Kelly opted for the chicken satay curry...and got a little too excited when she took her first bite.

We dined under neon lights in The Temporium by Mercedes Benz. Pretty cool huh? I wish I could eat in a glowing neon orb every night!

Time flew by as we chatted about our jobs, lives, travels and Sydney. We all agreed that although Sydney is a nice city, one doesn't need more than a few days to check it out. There are a few main attractions but other than that, it's just another big city. A big city that comes with quite a hefty price tag. If you're doing Australia on a budget (which is already difficult to do), stay a maximum of three days here and then work your way up to the Gold Coast if you want the sun, sand and surfing experience.

This is advice I live by because the very next day, I woke up bright and early to catch a flight to Byron Bay! More on those adventures next time. :)


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