Home Sweet Home in Adelaide

Stepping off the plane in Adelaide felt like finally coming home.

For those of you who don't know, I studied abroad here three years ago. I had the time of my life in Australia and made so many unforgettable friends. I never wanted to leave. When my exchange was over, I was devastated. I vowed to myself I would return as soon as I could.

I've kept that promise and now here I am in Adelaide for three whole weeks. Yipee!

When the weekend rolled around, Tara and I jumped in her car and headed to Willunga, a quaint town about an hour away from the city.

The drive there was pretty spectacular. Rolling plains, clear skies and fluorescent blue oceans seemed to go on for eternity. I really missed South Australian scenery.

Shortly after, we arrived at the Willunga Farmers Market and decided to check it out.

We meandered from stall to stall and saw what each vendor had to offer. This market had everything! Organic veggies, a variety of jams, dips and oils, wine, pastries, fresh fruits; you name it, they had it!

Of course the wine tents caught my attention and I couldn't resist a little tasting.

I'm not usually a fan of rose but the Dabblebrook grenache rosé  was amazing! If you enjoy red wine but want something lighter, this is the glass for you. It's also perfect to leisurely enjoy on a sunny day. Both Tara and I snagged a bottle immediately.

Thrilled with our purchases, we continued deeper into the market.

We picked up a few more treats and then went off to Normanville, a town renown for its beautiful beaches.

I know it doesn't look it, but the beach was freezing cold! The wind was so powerful and wouldn't let up. Tara and I were pretty bummed. Guess no sunbathing for us today. We opted to take a stroll and snap pictures instead.

Goosebumps erupted on my arms and legs letting me know that it was time to go somewhere warmer. We returned to the city, changed into some prettier clothes and went to my friend Dione's place for a delicious BBQ.

It was so nice catching up with old friends and new. We sipped on wine and chatted as if no time had passed since we last hung out.

Hmmm...just look at those juicy lamb chops! Nothing beats a good old fashioned Australian barbie (barbecue for those unfamiliar with Aussie slang). ;)

Bon appetite! Coming back to Australia never felt and tasted so good.


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