A Hectic Wine Tour in McLaren Vale

Did you know Adelaide is the wine capital of Australia?

If you're into wine, I'm sure the Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills and Coonawarra ring a bell. All these famous wine regions are located just outside the city.

Did you also know that I LOVE wine? So when a friend invited me to a wine tour in McLaren Vale, I immediately jumped for joy and said yes!

On a gorgeous Sunday morning, we hopped on a tour bus and headed to the wineries.

Our first stop was Coriole Vineyards.

Having never experienced a wine tour before, I had no idea what to expect. I envisioned the day spent sipping on wine tasters while looking all classy and sophisticated. Not in Australia.

When we got off the bus, people rushed to the bar and emerged with armfuls of bottles. Let's get this party started?

We started with bottles of the Chenin Blanc, a crisp white wine with flavours of white peach and tropical fruit. Definitely a great wine to sip on a beautiful day like this!

After, we cracked open the sangiovese. I've been getting more into red wines now and I thoroughly enjoyed this medium bodied red. Wish I had a juicy steak to go with it!

By 11am, my cheeks were flushed red (I can't help it, I'm Asian!) and the wine was going to my head. Tara and I decided to take a stroll to walk it off.

No grapes on those vines yet! Spring just arrived in Australia and harvesting happens in summer, usually between February and April.

Back at the table, new bottles welcomed us back as I poured myself another glass. My friends and I chit chatted away until it was time to leave.

Our next stop was Maxwell Wines.

Once again, the pack made a beeline to the bar and came back to the patio tables loaded with wine.

The day drinking continued with a refreshing and fruity rosé, a full bodied shiraz grenache and a citrusy verdelho. Unfortunately, we thought the wine was no where as good as Coriole. But that didn't matter. We decided to chug our drinks instead.

Wine disappeared in a heart beat as one thing led to another. I egged others to drink as much wine as they could and they did the same to me. Baadddd idea.

Let's just say things did not go well from here. How bad did it get you ask? Well....I don't even remember making it to the third winery. The last thing I remember is sitting at that patio table. :( Guess that's what I get for being irresponsible. 

The next day, I woke up with fuzzy memories and one brutal hangover. Although I was suffering, I couldn't get over how fun my first wine tour was! You can't beat good company, delicious wine and patio lounging under the sun! 

If you plan on traveling to South Australia, make sure to book a wine tour; just make sure you don't go overboard like I did. 


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