6 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Adelaide

Planning a trip down under? If so, get off the beaten path and discover the hidden gem that is Adelaide. Although the popular cities of Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast have a lot to offer, Adelaide is a destination that shouldn't be overlooked. Bursting with picturesque scenery, abundant wildlife and a thriving food and wine culture, this destination is sure to surprise, excite and impress you. Here are six reasons why you should visit Adelaide.

1) Get up close and personal with Australian wildlife

Want to spend the day playing, petting and feeding kangaroos? If so, Cleland Wildlife Park is the place for you! The park is nestled just outside of Adelaide in the spacious Cleland Conservation Park. Visitors have the opportunity to interact with animals in a safe and sustainable manner. Enjoy making kangaroo friends, hold a koala, take a night tour of the park and see endangered Australian species in their natural environment.

Kangaroo Island is also a popular destination and is the third largest island in the country. Located a few hours away from Adelaide, this island is home to a plethora of wildlife. Here, you can get up close and personal with kangaroos, sea lions, wallabies and koalas.

Photo Credit: Dom Forsdike
If you want to take a walk on the wild side, head to Port Lincoln and go cage diving with great white sharks! This is the only place in Australia where you can do this. If you don't have the guts, you can also swim with sea lions or Bluefin tuna.

2) Easy access to Ayers Rock and the gorgeous outback

Photo Credit: Corey Leopold

South Australia houses a vast part of the outback and therefore makes it easy for travellers to get to Ayers Rock, Finders Range, Alice Springs, Coober Pedy and more. Many outback tours depart Adelaide on a regular basis. If you aren't into guided tours, you could always rent a car and embark on an adventurous road trip.

3) Taste some of the best wines in the world

South Australia has some of the most famous wine regions in the world. The Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, Clare Valley, Adelaide Hills and Coonawarra are all located on the outskirts of Adelaide. Wine tours are extremely popular amongst both locals and tourists and is definitely something that needs to be experienced when in Adelaide. Not only are they fun, they're also an inexpensive way to try a variety of different wines.

4) Experience a growing and delicious foodie culture

If you think Melbourne is the only place with a thriving foodie culture, you've got it all wrong! Adelaide is booming with boutique restaurants and cafes. In fact, Jamie Oliver recently opened up an Italian restaurant in Adelaide's CBD.

If you're in Adelaide, you'll be treated with an endless array of delicious cuisines and dining options.
Make sure to try Golden Boy (Thai), Mesa Lunga (Spanish), Press Food and Wine (Western), The Pot Food and Wine (Bistro) and Melt Pizzeria (Italian); these are just a few of my favourites.

Healthy food markets are also gaining much popularity. Usually held on weekends, these markets specialize in organic produce, fresh herbs and spices, delicious baked goods and more. Trendy cafes, and pop-up restaurants are also present and offer many vegan and gluten-free options. The best markets in the state include Willunga Farmers Market, Stirling Market, Gepps X Market, Barossa Farmers Market and the Market Shed. All host a variety of vendors specializing in local food and products.

5) Relax on untouched beaches that aren't overrun with tourists

Queensland isn't the only state with spectacular beaches. South Australia is full of alluring coastlines with no backpackers and crowds in sight. If you're in Adelaide, spoil yourself and relax on the smooth sandy beaches of Glenelg, Henley, Brighton and Victor Harbour.  While you're here, grab a surfboard and catch some waves or keep an eye out for seals, dolphins and whales. Here are more gorgeous beaches around the state. 

6) Take part in exciting festivals all year round

No matter what time of year, Adelaide is always throwing festivals that suit every taste and interest. Into electronic dance music? Party your ass off at Future Music Festival or Stereosonic. Love cheese? Eat as much as you can at CheeseFest. Interested in movies? Watch some cool flicks at the Adelaide Film Festival. Into car racing? Clipsal 500 is the place for you.

The Adelaide Fringe is probably the most well-known and popular event which offers visitors an open-access arts festival full of concerts, beer gardens, magic shows, theatre performances and so much more.

Click here for a comprehensive guide to all Adelaide festivities.

Have you been to Adelaide? What did you love about it? Leave me a comment below and let me know! 


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