Finding Food Heaven in Taipei

If you want to win me over, you'll have to do it with food. Lots of delicious, exquisite, heavenly food.

After a week of discovering the best eats in Taipei, the city had definitely won me over. Not only was the street food at the night markets out of this world but the restaurants, in my opinion, can rival the culinary excellence of Hong Kong and Singapore. If you're planning a trip to Taipei, head to these three yummy local establishments. Each has something different to offer. All will take you on a tasty journey that won't be forgotten.

Din Tai Fung 

Enter dumpling paradise at Din Tai Fung, a traditional gourmet restaurant with multiple branches in Taipei. Serving up the most juicy and plump xiaolongbao (soup dumplings), this famous institution must be experienced. The dumplings are packed with flavour. They just melt in your mouth!

The restaurant also serves a variety of noodles, soups, fried rice and my personal favourite, steamed pork buns. Just look at that succulent meatball encased in that soft, doughy bun!

If you're planning on eating at one of the many Din Tai Fungs in the city, make sure to get there early! We went to the Xinyi branch at 10:30am and there was already a 15 minute wait for a table. After we finished, which was before noon, the wait was over an hour. And this was on a Monday! I'm not surprised though cause once those xiaolongbaos touch your lips, you'll be hooked for life.

How to get there:

- Taipei 101 branch: Taipei 101/World Trade Center MRT station
- Xinyi branch: Dongmen MRT station
- Fuxing branch: Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station
- Tienmu branch: Zhishan MRT station

For more branches in Taiwan and other countries, click here.

Modern Toilet 

If you want a dining experience unlike any other, head to Modern Toilet and eat your food out of toilet bowls and urinals. 

Here, guests sit on toilets and eat off sinks while enjoying the ambiance from dimly lit turd-shaped lights.

You don't come here for the culinary delicacies, you come here for the hilarious novelty. Being the immature child I am, I couldn't stop giggling the entire meal.

Modern Toilet serves up a variety of curries, pastas, fried cutlets and more. Each meal is reasonably priced and also includes a drink, salad, rice and ice cream that looks like a big pile of poop.

Looks like Marc is just as immature as I am. :)

How to get there:
- Shilin branch: Shilin MRT station
- Ximending branch: Ximen MRT station


The craft beer scene in Taipei has been growing exponentially the past few years. If you want to enjoy a refreshing pint, pay a visit to Jolly, a local microbrewery that attracts handfuls of expats and Taiwanese natives.

There is definitely a beer for everyone at Jolly. At the bar, you can choose from a pilsener, pale ale, stout, scotch ale, wheat beer and a special brew that changes regularly.

My favourite was the pale ale. I really liked the tangy floral aroma mixed with the malt flavour and hop bitterness. It was the perfect refreshing drink after a long day of sightseeing.

The restaurant also serves up authentic Thai food that compliments the beers nicely.

How to get there: 5 minute walk form Nanjing East Road MRT station


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