Diving with Whale Sharks

At the crack of dawn, I leaped out of bed and started my journey to Oslob, a small town on the island of Cebu. Oslob not only offers pristine beaches and picturesque countrysides but is also home to the massive yet gentle whale sharks. Knowing that this was an opportunity of a lifetime, I decided to spend the morning diving with these majestic creatures.

There were eight whale sharks swimming in the shallow waters near the beach and they were the size of busses! They also weren't scared of humans at all! In fact, I got so close to one of them that I almost got slapped by one of their massive fins! Thank goodness my diving instructor pulled me away just in time.

The whale sharks have a pretty good life here. Every morning, locals feed them buckets of krill, which is why they come so close to shore. During this time, divers and snorkelers from around the world swim and stare in awe as whale sharks get right up in their face.

I love scuba diving because it offers the ultimate escape. Nothing gives me more of a rush than exploring exotic landscapes and life under the sea. I'm sure in another life I was a fish because being underwater and waddling around the ocean floor comes so naturally to me.

Before I knew it, my hour beneath the surface was up. Sadly, it was time to head back to shore.

For anyone traveling to the Philippines, I highly recommend venturing to Cebu island and spending a day with these amazing animals. I booked a tour with Island Trek Tours and they did a great job transporting me to and from Oslob and provided all diving equipment and guidance. If you're not a fan of diving you can also book a snorkelling tour or you can watch the whale sharks from the surface on a boat.


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