Alluring Green Tea Fields in Boseong

Trekking through the stunning green tea fields in Boseong was always on my Korea bucket list. With just two weeks left in the country, I knew it was now or never! So, this past weekend I rounded up some friends and we made the long journey to Jeollanamdo province in the south. When we arrived, the serene and lush green fields took our breath away.

But lets back up to the beginning of our trip. We feasted on a delicious traditional Korean lunch on a patio located on the outskirts of the fields. 

The quaint restaurant specialized in fusing green tea with traditional Korean dishes. We feasted on green tea bibimbap (rice mixed with sautéed and seasoned vegetables, chili pepper paste and soy sauce), cold green tea noodles in a chilled flavourful broth and mouthwatering mandoo (dumplings).

Of course lunch would not be complete without makgeolli shots! Makgeolli is a popular alcoholic drink made from a mixture of wheat and rice. It's never been my cup of tea but after a year living in Korea, you get used to the stuff and just drink it. :) 

After lunch, we began our hike to the Daehan Dawon tea plantation. 

But then we stumbled across an ice cream shop and couldn't control ourselves.

Green tea ice cream anyone?

With our bellies full, we continued our uphill journey. It was all worth it when we got to the top and took in this unforgettable view.

Lined with cedar trees and endless rich fields as far as the eye can see, Boseong is definitely a must visit destination while in Korea if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the big cities. It was nice to take in such a tranquil environment and experience a different side of the country. 

If you want to explore the Daehan Dawon tea plantation, be prepared for a long journey! Boseong is a secluded and rural area which makes it a little tricky to get to.

The easiest way to get there is by traveling to Gwangju first. Once in Gwangju, you can catch an intercity bus to Boseong.

From Boseong bus station, you'll have to ride a local bus to the fields or take a 10 minute drive by taxi.

You can also take the train directly to Boseong from various cities. Check Korail for their schedules.


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