Adventures in Moalboal

After a few days in Cebu City, I was ready to get out and explore more of the island. The only problem was, I had no idea where to go. The island of Cebu was a lot bigger than I imagined and I was intimidated to go off into the unknown alone. Thankfully, I met Jonah, an awesome chick from Manila who was living at the hostel I was staying at. She took me under her wing and invited me out to Moalboal with a few of her friends.

Located on the southwestern tip of the island, Moalboal is everything you'd imagine paradise to look like. Turquoise water as far as the eye can see and smooth white sand you can dig your toes into.

The best part of Moalboal was the lack of tourists. We practically had the entire beach to ourselves!

Well...almost to ourselves. We had to share it with these mutts but I didn't mind too much. :)

After an afternoon of swimming, tanning and chatting, we packed up our beach bags and headed deep into the rainforest in search of the Kawasan waterfalls.

We made a short stop here because we we're starving and needed to get dinner pronto. You don't want to see me when I'm hangry! But for those interested in doing more, there are guided canyoning tours available where you can trek, swim and jump down the waterfalls.

We raced back to town and couldn't say no to the BBQ meat! We loaded our plates with juicy skewers of pork and chicken and chowed down. Each skewer cost a measly eight pesos (20 cents). I can't believe how far your money goes in the Philippines! I'm so tempted to move here and live like a queen until my money runs out!

After our feast, we finished the night off with dancing and drinking at a beachfront disco.

This place was an old building transformed into a night club where locals and expats came to party the night away.

With house music pumping and San Miguel beers in hand, I felt like I was back in Spain!

If you're sick of Cebu City, get out and head to Moalboal! The food is tasty and cheap, the beaches are stunning and the people here know how to party!  Buses depart regularly from the city and the journey takes only three hours.


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  1. Nice Melissa :) I'm thankful too, meeting an awesome and fun person like you. Enjoy travelling...see you when I see you. :) xx - Jonah

  2. Aww Jonah thanks again for showing me around Cebu :) You made it so fun! I will definitely be seeing you again in the future somewhere in the world!