5 Taipei Night Markets You Need to Explore

Navigating through the winding streets in a Taipei night market is an experience unlike any other. You'll be bombarded with neon signs, unusual food, bustling crowds and cheap goods. The city is famous for its thriving night markets and offers them in abundance.

When the sun went down, I made it a mission to visit at least a couple night markets each evening. Here are my five favourite night markets you need to explore.

Shilin Night Market 

Shilin is the night market to rule them all. This colossal night market consists of endless alleyways, all packed to the rim with shops, food stalls, street vendors, arcades, restaurants, and so much more.

It was a sensory overload when my boyfriend and I visited on a Saturday evening. Dazzling lights illuminated the streets. Scents of mouth-watering food filled the air. Shops sold everything from gizmos and gadgets to penis popsicles. There were also crowds of people as far as the eye could see.

We slowly made our way through the maze of roads and took in everything the market had to offer.

Of course we had to try the world renown street food. We started with the BBQ meat sticks and sausages. Cheap, juicy and flavourful, they are an easy snack for night market first timers.

After, we opted for the steamed pork buns which were soft, savoury and so delicious!

A word of advice: if you're claustrophobic, you're going to be uncomfortable.  This place is chaotic every night of the week. Being the largest night market in Taipei, Shilin attracts both a large amount of tourists and locals. The idea of personal space doesn't exist here so be prepared to squish into strangers. But don't let that deter you from paying a visit; it's a cultural experience that everyone should try at least once!

How to get there: 5 minute walk from Shilin MRT station

Raohe Night Market 

The second largest night market in Taipei is Raohe. Even though it was pouring rain, we didn't let that stop us from getting our hands on more delicious street food. We were hooked!

The night market was almost deserted because of the rain. We were so relieved. It was relaxing being able to roam the streets without having to maneuver around people. 

We hopped in and out of the tiny shops looking for souvenirs and trinkets. 

When our bellies started grumbling, we loaded up on BBQ steak cubes, sausages, chicken skewers and grilled mushrooms seasoned with lemon pepper. All were phenomenal.

How to get there: 15 minute walk from Houshanpi MRT station  

Shida Night Market 

Are you a girl that loves to shop? If so, the Shida Night Market is the place for you. Packed with trendy boutique stores and endless jewellery vendors, the market is sure to satisfy even the biggest shopaholic.

Unfortunately, I'm on a tight backpacker budget so all I could do was window shop. Even still, I had fun looking at all the hip Taiwanese fashion.

The market offers a few food stalls however the majority of the area is devoted to women's clothing and accessories. Good luck to all you boyfriends and husbands out there!

How to get there: 10-15 minute walk from Taipower Building MRT station

Linjiang Night Market 

If you're tired of big crowds but still want fantastic shopping and street food, pay a visit to the Linjiang Night Market. Here, you'll walk the streets without bumping into others which is a nice change from the busy Shilin Night Market. 

The many shops sell a variety of goods including souvenirs, clothing, jewellery and electronics. 

The street food is also out of this world. 

We decided to try a famous local delicacy: cong zhua bing, a flaky scallion pancake sprinkled with salt and pepper. From the first bite I fell in love. It tasted like a light and fluffy onion ring. The best part? It cost 25 Taiwanese dollars which is the equivalent to 90 cents.  

How to get there: 10-15 minute walk from Xinyi Anhe MRT station 

Ningxia Night Market 

The Ningxia Night Market is devoted solely to street food and tasty cheap eats. Spanning over numerous blocks, this market will excite any foodie out there.

Your dining options are limitless. Here, you can feast on traditional Taiwanese street food such as BBQ meat sticks, sausages, steamed pork buns, a variety of soup noodles, grilled seafood and so much more.


The market also offered popular western food. I saw vendors selling dessert crepes, french fries and to my surprise, baked potatoes!

That is the look of sheer joy! For those who don't know, I am a complete potato fanatic. Be it scalloped, mashed, boiled, fried or baked, I go absolutely crazy for potatoes! After living without baked potatoes in South Korea for a year, I squealed with excitement when I found this cheesy potato vendor.

Doesn't that look beautiful? I got my potato loaded with cheese, bacon, pepper and parsley.

For those seeking more adventurous options, the Nangxia Night Market is also home to a lot of bizarre snacks.

 I dare you to try the grilled squid and pork intestines!

How to get there: 10 minute walk from Zhongshan MRT station or Shuanglian MRT station


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